What is e-pickpocketing?
Epickpocketing: Electronic pickpocketing, or the ‘e-pickpocketing’ can remotely scan the data from ‘contactless’ bank cards. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips, or tags as these are more commonly known, are now being added to bank cards, travel passes and door entry systems; with the hope that in doing so customer experiences will be improved.
The E-Pickpocket 2012 (Channel 4 News)
Are you certain that your RFID bank cards are safe from e-pickpockets?
In this video by UK broadcaster Channel 4 News, UK-based company ViaForensics demonstrates how an 'e-pickpocket' can skim personalinformation remotely from RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled credit cards.This sensational video footage provides possibly the most compelling evidence to date that you could be at risk of high tech crime. This is arguably a growing concern for all those involved with contactless banking. But the problem doesn't end there, because if you own a new style e-passport, bank card, smart card - or travel card for that matter - then it's much the same operating platform; so presumably these devices could also be at risk?
Our solutions
Secure NFC provides consumers, card issuers and governments with innovative, easy to use NFC security solutions tailored to their needs.
With the NFC CardLock© App, NFC enabled smartphone users can for the first time electronically LOCK their own NFC cards (financial, ticketing and access) using their NFC phones to prevent electronic pickpocketing and skimming.
Using our NFC Card and Terminal Security Software, NFC card issuers(both financial and non- financial) can now simply add our patented NFC security software modules into their NFC card applications and NFC enabled readers to provide true End-2-End date security for their NFC transactions.
Our NFC Multi Wallet©APP allows NFC cardholders with multiple physical NFC cards to finally leave all their cards at home and use their NFC enabled smartphone to act like their NFC cards. Just add any NFC card (financial, ticketing or access) into your NFC smartphone and it will emulate / replicate whichever card you select.
Stay tuned for our upcoming E-Passport, NFC Poster and NFC Hotel solutions arriving in 2013.
NFC Cardlcok| nfccardlock.com.au
The Free “NFC CardLock© App” Validation Tool shows if your NFC CardLock App is working correctly and if your cards are protected.
Our Products

The Original “NFC CardLock© App” locks your NFC cards making them invisible to e-pickpockets.

The Free “NFC CardLock© App” Validation Tool shows if your NFC CardLock App is working correctly and if your cards are protected.

The BreadCrumb App™ enables smartphone users to set their Point of Origin and always be able to return to it whilst at all times seeing their current location in relation their origin plus being able to set way points by dropping breadcrumbs along the way.
The Group Find App™ enables the members of a family, a group of friends, school students on a field trip or military units, to create linked groups by touching their NFC smartphones together, allowing them to find each other, communicate with each and view the location of each group member plus the distance to the group leader at all times.
All Apps are also available in a ‘LITE’ free download version with limited functionality.
Secure NFC provides
The NFC CardLock App and all of Secure NFC’s consumer products are available at your respective smartphone marketplace for download.
You can either follow the links below or go to the dedicated NFC CardLock App website at: www.nfccardlock.com
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NFC MultiWallet | www.nfcmultiwallet.com